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Census Selfie Campaign

If you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another social media platform, YOU are a trusted messenger among your friends, family, and other followers. Let’s use our platforms to help encourage our peers to participate in the Census! 

Please find a toolkit below of different graphics you can download and post, along with sample captions and selfie ideas. We encourage you all to pair a selfie or personal picture of your own with these graphics and talking points – and then tag a friend to keep it going! We encourage you all to be creative and have fun with these. You do not need to keep our captions, but feel free to copy and paste if it resonates with you!


It’s not too late to fill out the Census! National Census Day was April 1st, but we have all month long to get our families counted - go to today!! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: What day of social distancing are you on? Share with your folks how easy it is to get Census in your stay at home routine!

The United States doesn’t have a national language and the #2020Census is available in 13 languages!! Check it out and fill it out at! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Do you speak more than one language? Let your friends and family know the Census is accessible!

Our public schools rely heavily on census data to prepare for classroom sizes, but also to support programs like the National School Lunch Program, Head Start, and Special Education Grants. Participate in the Census at for our children! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Even if we don’t have children, we’ve all been a child once! Share with us a student in your life or a flashback pic of you in school!

When we are not counted, we do not count. When we do not count, we do not improve our communities. This year my family and I are participating in the Census to ensure that we count! You can too at! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Where do you feel most included? Share with us!

Do you drive? Have you ever taken a bus or a train? Ever ridden a bike? The Census affects you too!! Don’t forget to participate this spring at! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Everyone loves a car selfie. Share with us how you get around! 

The Census is NOT a count of all citizens, it is a count of all people. Me and my family are participating in the Census because we are apart of this community too. We counted at and you should too! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Family time! Share a picture of the folks you’ll be including in the 2020 Census!

Over 1 MILLION babies and toddlers were missed on the 2010 Census, leaving over 1 million children without proper funding in their communities for 10 years. This year, I want to let you all know that babies count too! #CountAllKids at! #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Share a picture of a small baby or toddler you love!

Every seat from your Member of Congress to your school board is decided using Census data. Let's participate at so that our communities are fully accounted for! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Share a picture of you voting, going to a rally or public forum, or with your representative!

There will NOT be a citizenship question on the 2020 Census and none of our responses can be shared with government agencies, law enforcement, immigration agencies, or landlords. I am participating in the Census because it is safe and important! Go to to do yours too! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: If you are an immigrant or descendant of immigrants, share how you’re proud to represent your family!

In just 10 minutes I can improve my community for 10 years. The Census is just as important as it is easy! Don’t forget to go online at, call, or fill out a Census form for your household! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: What can you do in 10 minutes? Share a picture of you washing dishes or picking out an outfit – even that probably takes longer than filling out the Census! 

Not only is the Census easy, it is 100% confidential. It is illegal for any information submitted to be shared and you don’t even have to sign up with your own name if you don’t want to! My family will be participating at and yours should too! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Let all your followers know how the 2020 Census is the most secure online survey we could participate in!

Small businesses are good for our community and all businesses rely on census data! Did you know that the Census helps fund job recruitment services, unemployment insurance, and affordable housing programs? Fill yours out at! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Our small businesses are in need of some extra loving right now. Take a picture of you getting takeout from your favorite business or promote the goods of a local facility you love! 

How are you social distancing? Don’t forget to respond to the 2020 Census from home at! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Share a picture of how you are social distancing!

There are 675 billion federal dollars just waiting to be claimed! My family is participating in the census at so that we get some of that money in our community. #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Share a selfie at your favorite local hangout spot! More often than not it would benefit from an accurate count!

I am a student and in this year's Census I will be participating with my roommates! Don’t forget to fill out your Census form at based on where you live now! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Take a selfie with your housemates and let your friends know how best to count themselves in the Census!

Did you know the #2020Census helps fund healthcare? Medicaid, Medi-Cal, Children’s Health Insurance Program, and WIC are ALL funded by the Census! I’m participating at to help keep these programs running! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: Our healthcare workers are working overtime right now to keep all of us safe. Let’s show them some love!

My city has changed a LOT since 2010, and I think our representation and funding should grow with our community. My family and I are participating in the Census at to help ensure our city gets what we deserve! #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: What city are you being counted in? Share your city sign or a local landmark!

The 2020 Census form has an option to state how you relate to other people in your household, which will greatly help expand data and then funding for LGBTQ folks! Check it out and fill it out at! #QueertheCensus #ICount #IECounts #CensusSelfie


Selfie Idea: If you have been chilling at home with your partner lately, take a selfie of your home activities! Both members of the LGBTQ community and allies can help spread the word!

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