Mga Nagtaguyod na Organisasyon

The CensusIE coalition is supported by an incredible steering committee of administrative and technical assistance organizations. 

Inland Empire Community Foundation

The Inland Empire Community Foundation, formerly The Community Foundation, stewards over $100 million in assets and provides college scholarships and grants to nonprofit organizations across the two-county region. Since its founding, the Foundation has awarded more than $100 million to support programs that strengthen the community. Their mission is to strengthen Inland Southern California through philanthropy and they are serving as the Nonprofit Census Outreach Table’s administrative body, organizing funding and coordination for the region. 

Inland Empowerment

Inland Empowerment is a partnership of non-partisan, non-profit organizations who develop community leaders to advocate for just, equitable, and inclusive policies and systems. Inland Empowerment engages underrepresented and long-ignored communities as voters, stakeholders, and leaders. By engaging and activating underrepresented communities, Inland Empowerment works to build power to create a just, equitable, and inclusive government and economy in the Inland region. Inland Empowerment will be creating software to support the outreach efforts of the coalition as well as offering communications support. 

Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation (CSI) aims to provide a credible research voice that spurs civic leadership and policy innovation. The Center also aims to integrate researchers, community organizations, and civic stakeholders in collaborative projects and long-term partnerships that boost collective impact. CSI will be supporting CensusIE with data analysis and research evaluation.  

National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials

NALEO Education Fund is the nation’s leading non-profit, non-partisan organization that facilitates full Latino participation in the American political process, from citizenship to public service. NALEO provides national leadership on key issues that affect Latino participation in the political process, including immigration and naturalization, voting rights, election reform, the Census and the appointment of qualified Latinos to top executive and judicial positions. As a part of a regional effort lead and developed by the NALEO Educational Fund to ensure a full and accurate count of the Inland Empire’s Latino community with a sub-campaign focused on achieving a full count of very young Latino children, NALEO will work across the region to disseminate informational materials and toolkits, present “train-the-trainers”, and provide support to establish community assistance centers.

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